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The Actors Fund 2008



For the better part of two decades, a unique collaborative relationship has existed between BC/EFA and The Actors Fund, with our fundraising success contributing directly to the vital programs The Fund provides for professionals in the theatrical community.
A little bit of history:

Equity Fights AIDS was created as a committee of Actors’ Equity by the Equity Council in 1988, not long after the creation of The AIDS Initiative by The Actors Fund.

Broadway Cares was founded by a group of producers in 1988 with the mission to raise funds in the Broadway community and make grants to AIDS service organizations across the country, including Equity Fights AIDS.
With the merger of these two separate organizations and the creation of BC/EFA as a new not-for-profit organization in 1992, the missions combined:  Support for The AIDS Initiative of the Actors Fund and a National Grants Program.

AIDS funding remained BC/EFA’s sole grant-making focus until 1996, when it was determined by the BC/EFA Board of Trustees to provide support for The Actors Fund’s newly created Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative.

Today, BC/EFA supports six programs at The Actors Fund, including The AIDS Initiative, The PhyllisNewman Women’s Health Initiative, The Al Hirschfeld Free Clinic at The Aurora, The Actors Fund Work Program and The Dancers’ Resource, as well as numerous projects such as The New York Stage Managers Unofficial Health Directory” and more.

Since 1988, BC/EFA has granted more than $50 million to The Actors Fund to support these vital initiatives and programs.

In 2008, BC/EFA awarded $4,302,000 to The Actors Fund, an increase of $627,000 from 2007.

The AIDS Initiative received $2,150,000.  The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative and The Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic at the Aurora each received $750,000 from BC/EFA, with The Actors Funds Work Program and The Dancers’ Resource each receiving $200,000.

In 2008, the writers strike in Los Angeles left many members of the entertainment industry, particularly in Los Angeles, facing new challenges and difficulties.   BC/EFA awarded The Actors Fund a special $150,000 grant to address the needs of an increasing number of clients affected by the strike.   BC/EFA was also glad to support The Stage Managers’ Project with a grant of $25,000 for the second publication and website presentation of “The New York Stage Managers Unofficial Health Directory”, as well as another $77,000 in memorial donations, support for the Annual Gala, Strategic Planning and other smaller gifts.


Through its partnership with The Actors Fund, BC/EFA touches the lives of hundreds of entertainment professionals living with HIV/AIDS, as well as thousands more coping with a variety of other health issues, emergencies and challenges.  With BC/EFA’s expanded support at The Actors Fund, everyone in the entertainment industry who helps BC/EFA raise funds is also able – if ever it is necessary – to benefit form the safety net created first for people with AIDS, but now for all of us.

The Actors Fund of America provides for the welfare of all who earn their living through employment in the entertainment industry; the stage manager, dancer or theatrical press agent with AIDS and no health insurance, the actor looking to make a transition into a second career, the retired costume designer having difficulty living on social security and unclear about his Medicaid benefits, the stage carpenter, company manager or actress facing a crisis around an issue of addiction, the musician in need of supportive housing – all are part of the entertainment industry and all can find assistance through The Actors Fund.

For more information about The Actors Fund, visit www.actorsfund.org

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